Application Modernization

Even if the buzz about the latest and the greatest technologies is all everyone is hearing about, the reality within most companies looks very different: The majority of mission-critical solutions consist of legacy applications and databases. As a member of Microsoft's Windows Azure Inner Circle, fecher is specialized in reliably bringing these typical LOB (Line of Business) applications to new platforms. Visual Basic 6, Access and Gupta applications are migrated to modern .NET architectures. WinForm applications written in C# or VB.NET are turned into browser applications for web, mobile and/or cloud use. Likewise, Oracle, DB2, Informix, SQLBase and Access databases can also be migrated to SQL servers or the Azure SQL database.

To ensure everything runs smoothly, within a fixed deadline and for a fixed price, fecher applies a proven procedure model, effective tools and its expertise gained from over 150 successful porting projects.