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Company Timeline

30 de ani de experienta si progres: Exploreaza evenimentele importante din istoria companiei de la infiintarea din 1987.

fecher a luat
nastere in 1987

Eberhard Fecher a infiintat compania ca si o firma germana de consultanta in IT in timp ce lucra la lucrarea sa de diploma in managementul afacerilor.

1st software development project

In 1991, the young firm began developing sales support software for France's Thomson Group.

Now offering
tool-based services

In 1992, fecher began offering the development tool buildingBLOCKS, a software toolkit for Gupta developers.


fecher enters into a partnership with Gupta Technologies. A joint trade show booth at the CeBIT 1992 led to a number of additional joint public appearances.

1st large client:
a "Landesbank"

In 1992, the Landesbank Rheinland-Pfalz (regional bank in Germany) became fecher's first large client. Their order for SQLWindows training sessions was followed by additional projects.

More banks become clients

In 1993, the Deutsche Verkehrs-Bank (DVB) became a fecher client. To this day, fecher still provides software development support for the Reisebank AG, a later spin off.

fecher gets
an "office"

In 1995, the company expands and its employees move into the loft apartment on the top floor of the Fecher family home.

1st public contracts (public procurement)

In 1996, fecher adds the Forestry Operation of the Hessisches Landesamt für Naturschutz, Umwelt und Geologie (Hessian Agency for Nature Conservation, Environment and Geology) as a client.

More space,

The loft apartment is no longer suitable for the growing number of employees. In 1996, the firm moved to an addition built onto the Fecher family home to provide 'real' office space.

A flourishing partnership

In 1997, Gupta Technologies changed its name to Centura. Nonetheless, the partnership with fecher continued to flourish and over the years both companies would often share a booth at trade shows.

buildingBLOCKS becomes fecher product

In 1997, fecher also obtained the rights to buildingBLOCKS and developed the product further.

The new millennium arrives!

As the world prepares for the new millennium, fecher continues its strong performance.
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Entering the new millennium: 1999/2000

At the turn of the millennium, fecher had 21 employees and a nationwide presence in Germany. The company has added branches in Dresden, Duesseldorf, Hanover, Munich and Stuttgart to its Rodgau headquarters. fecher greatly expanded its service offerings to include training and support, database application development and class libraries for developers using Team Developer thanks to an important partnership with Centura.

of HunterNT

fecher became a solution provider for industry-sector software when it purchased the personnel consultancy software HunterNT from CBC (based in Frankfurt, Germany) early in the year 2000.

fecher moves to its new headquarters

As the company with its 10 employees no longer fit in the annex, fecher moved to its new headquarters in 2000. The office building in Rodgau (near Frankfurt a.M.) provided the much needed additional space.

Gupta projects

Platinum Equity, the investor that acquired Centura's products in February 2001 and revitalized the Gupta brand, maintains the close working relationship with fecher.

Branch office opened
in Switzerland

In 2002, just after Austria, fecher also opened its own branch office in Kloten, in the vicinity of the Zurich airport.

Ice Tea Group

In 2003, the Class Compiler product was developed jointly with the American software developer Ice Tea Group. The software compiles non-visual Gupta code to .NET.

Founding of fecher Romania

In 2003, fecher opened its nearshoring center in the Romanian city of Oradea (a university city). It's core competencies: web development and Microsoft technologies.


In 2003 and 2004, a new product called buildingBLOCKS JAVA was developed in a development collaboration with Wilken.

HunterNT adds

Early in 2005, fecher purchased PRS.net, an insolvency asset that belonged to the software house RTS. PRS.net is an application for personnel consultants that fecher integrated with its HunterNT solution.

1st major .NET

In 2005, fecher created for the Vienna Insurance Group an .NET online application system for life insurance.

Developers start turning away from Gupta

An increasing number of companies are looking to switch from Gupta and in the future develop in .NET only. As fecher wants to support them, it ends the partnership with Gupta.

1st porting

In 2005, in collaboration with the Ice Tea Group, fecher ported the former Microsoft ERP suite Apertum for eEvolution, its new owners, from Gupta (SQLWindows) to .NET.

fecher assesses
the sale of Gupta

In September 2006, Gupta is sold again; this time to the California-based Unify Corporation. In ComputerWoche, a German-language IT magazine, fecher provides guidance and initial recommendations for action.

Introduction of "The Porting Project"

At the end of 2006 at a roadshow with Microsoft, fecher introduces the tool-based, highly automated porting of entire Gupta applications to .NET.

Gupta porting becomes a successful model

Very early in 2007, the Landesbank Rheinland-Pfalz is the first fecher client to order an extensive porting project.

fecher presents
new hunter software

At the BDU Personalberatertag (Meeting hosted by the German Personnel Consultants Association) in May 2007, fecher presents the new hunter; a merger of the capabilities of HunterNT and PRS.net.

New business

Mid-year 2008, fecher was given a new organizational structure by founding the Business Units Software Services, hunter and Business Solutions.

fecher opens new branch in the U.S.

In 2008, a branch office was opened in Washington, DC to serve the North and South American markets, whereby the main focus is on porting projects.

Market introduction

Functioning both as an add-on to hunter as well as a stand-alone application, the new product CV EXTRACTOR was introduced in 2009 as an extractor of information from documents and business networks.

„Germany’s Best Database Project 2010“

In 2010, fecher's Gupta database porting project for the Landesbetrieb Hessen Forst won the Database Award from the highly regarded German-language IT magazines Computerwoche and CIO.

New .NET version of hunter is introduced

A new version of hunter was introduced in 2010. It now utilizes modern .NET technology and offers an intuitive user interface with a timeless, fresh design.

Visual WebGui for web porting

In 2011, a partnership began with the software developer Gizmox that made "Web Enabling" possible; namely the porting of .NET applications to web, cloud and mobile environments.

fecher becomes a Microsoft Cloud Partner

In 2011, fecher's cloud enabling services were enhanced by new Microsoft offerings, like Microsoft Office 365 and Windows Azure.

fecher offers
Microsoft CRM service

Also in 2011, fecher began offering cloud-based customized client solutions for growth-oriented SMEs. This service is currently still limited to the German-speaking region.

hunterMOBILE is now available

At the end of 2011, fecher introduced to the market its mobile information platform for recruiters.

Primul proiect CRM
un succes

In 2012, aplicatia dezvoltata de fecher pentru BDU (Asociatia germana de consultanti) goes live as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM-based application.

Windows Azure
Ziua informarii

In 2013, fecher a prezentat programatorilor factorii determinanti pentru proiectele cloud la o conferinta impreuna cu Microsoft.

fecher Verbandsmanager

In primavara lui 2014, solutia Microsoft Dynamics CRM a devenit disponibila oficial pentru clientii vorbitori de limba germana.

fecher porteaza si Visual Basic 6

fecher a devenit un specialist global de modernizare a aplicatiilor. In 2014, datorita numarului mare de cereri, fecher a inceput sa porteze de asemenea si aplicatii VB6 catre .NET.

hunterONLINE devine disponibil

In prima jumatate a lui 2015, hunter devine disponibila ca si SaaS care poate fi utilizat usor si sigur in cloud; nu este necesara nici o instalare de server.

fecher se muta in Roedermark, Germany

In aprilie 2015, fecher isi muta sediul central din Germania in noua cladire de birouri din Roedermark (langa Frankfurt am Main).

hunter castiga un premiu pentru inovatie

La concursul german de inovatie "INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT", doua module software hunter castiga premiul "BEST OF 2015".

Portare si Web Enabling la maxim

In 2015, fecher incheie cu succes cel mai mare proiect de portare pentru Amtech Software din S.U.A.

Eberhard Fecher trece in nefiinta

In 26 februarie 2016, fondatorul fecher, Eberhard Fecher moare subit.

Continuing on the successfully forged path...

Eberhard Fecher, who founded the company in 1987, always knew the path he wanted his company to take. His focus wasn't so much on the next disruptive development or the next huge project; he was more interested in collaborating with people, in particular with the end users of software. He began by offering training sessions. Even thirty years later, many participants still remember and speak highly of him. As a trainer, he was able to make highly complex material easily understandable. In these sessions, he made many good contacts and established a basis of trust. When former students then became clients in later projects, he never disappointed them. Though fairly uncommon in the business world, his word was his bond and he kept the promises he made - to his clients and his employees. The training sessions led to projects and the hiring of additional staff. Regional branch offices were strategically established, followed by the opening of national and international offices. Unlike others, he did not chase rapid growth in the 2000s. Instead, he sought organic relationships with people and companies that were built on trust. He had an unusually high level of trust in those around him and did not micromanage, yet was detail-oriented and gave advice in a low-key manner. He encouraged others and would identify and suggest solutions in a peer-to-peer collaborative manner. He not only was a mentor to all of his employees, he was also frequently consulted for his expertise by the firm's partners and clients. His enthusiasm for so many things, whether willingly or unwillingly, was transferred to all he came in contact with. Eberhard Fecher died from cancer at the age of 54. His sudden and unexpected death was a shock to all who knew him. The company he leaves behind is well-structured and healthy with a loyal and dedicated workforce that continues to run fecher along the path forged by Eberhard Fecher.

DMV implementeaza fecher Verbandsmanager

In 2016, cea mai mare implementare a unei solutii cloud cu Microsoft Dynamics CRM a fost "Club Management System" pentru asociatia germana de marketing (DMV) formata din 65 de cluburi.

Parteneriat premium pentru Wisej

In noiembrie 2016, Wisej a aparut ca o noua tehnologie pentru proiecte de "web enabling" cu care de asemenea se pot dezvolta proiecte web.

fecher isi extinde prezenta in U.S.

fecher sponsorizeaza dineul Leigh Steinberg la Super Bowl 2017, care combina sportul, afacerile si mondenul, dar mai ales munca umanitara.

Aniversarea fecher 30 de ani

In 2017, compania a sarbatorit aniversarea a 30 de ani de existenta. Dezvoltarea fecher a fost cu adevarat impresionanta.

Results at the 30-year mark

fecher's development after 30 years is truly impressive. Not only is the company financially healthy and flourishing, fecher is continuously improving its portfolio offerings and adapting them to market requirements. Core competency: Absolutely top-notch in application modernization, like no other. The proof? Hundreds of successfully completed modernization projects on four continents. Our comprehensive offerings range from Gupta and database porting via VB6 migration to web and cloud enabling as well as customized Microsoft-based business solutions. With hunter, you benefit from one of Europe's leading recruiting solutions. In addition, a number of large, well-known associations in Germany rely on fecher's 'Verbandsmanager' software for associations. In short: A real success story!